What Are The Best Laptop Brands – 10 Top Laptop Brands For You

When you go for purchasing a new laptop then it is important for every individual to know what top laptop brands are available in the market. If you know this, you will never put your money by getting a wrong one. As there are many best laptop brands, it is quiet difficult for you to choose the one among them. The foremost thing you must consider is what you require in a laptop. If you looking for gaming grid then separate graphics cards as well as big screen are the essential components in the notebook you choose. You must also think about other specs before you buy a laptop.

top laptop brands

All laptops are designed in various ways to take care for customer requirements. Some people will have common idea about what their notebooks must look like as well as what they require in terms of the features, but are repeatedly frightened by the various choices available. If you feel tricky in selecting the best laptop brands, here in this article I have listed you the top 10 laptop brands. Select the one that best suits your needs.

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Before knowing about what are the top ten laptop brands to buy, it is important to look at the following areas on choosing a notebook.

  • Size
  • Processor
  • Battery Life
  • RAM
  • Look And Feel


If your main concern is portability, then you must consider laptops that have light weight and small-ish screen. Look for a notebook with screen that is 1 to 1.5kg in weight and 12.5 to 13.3 inches in size.


Processor is the most important thing you must look for when choosing a laptop. Many different types of processors are available, but no matter what type of processor you choose on, you must get the one that has at least 1.6 GHz of processing speed.

Battery life

Battery life is possibly the most important consideration when choosing notebooks which is going to be used often on the go. Find out how long battery is projected to last under regular use. Make sure your laptop have the standard battery life when using the handy computer in all power modes. In addition, for the basic notebooks, single Lithium ion primary battery must last for at least 2 years.


When you look into the RAM or memory, even the cheapest notebooks must have 4GB, so do not go for less. When you buy a laptop with 6 GB or 8GB you will be better ready for lots of multitasking and high end applications. Power users and gamers must look for RAM of 16GB.

Look and feel

In spite of performance of notebook, you want something which looks good. Look includes screen display on laptop that is always a crucial component to quality laptop. There are some laptops which weigh less, so if this stuffs for you then pay interest to the requirement or specification of notebooks you are buying.

Top 10 Laptop Brands    

10. Micro-Star International (MSI)

top 10 laptop brands

MSI is called as Micro Star International and is one among the least and best popular laptop brands. Since 1986, MSI Company has been in survival and is the well-known IT manufacturer worldwide. MSI machines are well-known to hold duty operations like gaming, graphic and video editing. It follows that if you’re looking forward for best laptop brands for gaming, MSI will afford you with top convenience and functionality. MSI is also manufacturing tremendously designed pink notebooks.

9. Asus

top laptop brands

Asus is highly popular for its innovative software, highly sophisticated hardware, great gaming experience, quality display and user friendly. Asus is eager to take hazards and this is a reason it appears with creative models. They are quiet close to Lenovo benchmark and Asus is appreciated for its amazing tech support, sleek designs and innovations to seek. An Asus designs appears in various colors and at reasonable prices. The keyboard is well-built as well as audio visuals are brilliant only in the high end models. If you’re looking to buy hybrid or else a new laptop, Asus is certainly one of the top laptop brands to consider.

8. Acer

top laptop brands

Acer laptops are well-known for its systems which are friendly to the budgets. In the last 10 years, Acer has got a progressive improvement in the type of tech support. Recently, Acer Company has established an Acer community portal on its websites that makes customers aid each other out. The customers looking for sophistication and aesthetic value tend to move for Acer laptops. The laptops are moderately expensive and when compared to other laptop brands it lacks their quality in video, touchpad, keyboard and sound. Their Acer Iconia and Aspire series has got a positive result (received positively) in the market.

7. Samsung

top 10 laptop brands

You can see so many leaders in the worldwide market producing ultra-modern electronics as well as digital media, Samsung is one among them. For above 70 years, Samsung brand has been devoted to build a better planet with advanced technology, creativity, speed and expand market products which define your lifestyle. It is pretty a mature brand which has been producing household appliances and quality electronics. The same can be whispered for Samsung laptops that are enormous and offered at 500 to 600 USD. They also have best laptops for gaming ($1500) that are slightly expensive.

6. Toshiba

best laptop brands

You will wonder by looking into the list of top ten laptop brands available in the global market. Of course no need to wonder, Toshiba is surely one of the best laptop among them if you’re looking for a budget laptop. The global customers agree that it may perhaps not provide top score functionality, but it is particularly good for people who are working on budget and looking for appropriate notebook. If you are businessman or a professional then you will consider this laptop brand as a standard deal, but Toshiba is perfect for student with restricted usability or usual internet surfer. The Toshiba gaming laptop makes the reputation of being the most inspiring displays in market.

The best models to Toshiba choosers:

  • Satellite P55t
  • Qosmio X75
  • Kirabook

5. HP

top laptop brands

HP (Hewlett Packard) is a name of modernism in the laptop world. It has earned a very good repute from the year of its founding (establishment) as well as the same thing is followed for their laptop manufacturing. HP laptops are quiet expensive than other laptop brands but they are precious and valuable every bit. HP laptops are unique in their appearance and are chosen more by the customers. HP standard laptops present the consumer excellence with focus on graphics and sound. Among all other best laptops brands, HP is highly popular with more consumers around the world.

4. Lenovo

top ten laptop brands

When you look into the top 10 laptop brands, you can always see the Lenovo occupying their place in this list because of its branded desktop PC. Lenovo laptop prices are somewhat higher than their standard laptops. But, Lenovo laptops are best in sound, quality, touchpad, display and sound. The models presented by Lenovo are loved for its curved key shape and wide key spacing on keyboards, pleasant visual and audio with portable and light weight designing. Both the business and consumer laptops keyboards continues to get enormous honors for their sturdy tactile feedback as well as wide key pacing which are curved shape. Lenovo touchpad provides you a accurate and smooth navigation, and you will find the TrackPoint pointing sticks to be more precise.

3. Dell

top 10 laptop brands

Dell is one of the most fashionable and admired brand worldwide. This is due to its constant struggle to sustain with technology and manufacture quality products for their consumers. For the past two years, Dell brands are leading the top charts because of its enhanced tech support and high score in the reviews. Dell laptops are user-friendly and give a blend of showy designs and base. It offers all basic features for you and is technologically smart in spite of their moderately reasonable prices. Dell offers high-quality typing experience and is perfectly suitable for people who spend hours in coding or writing. Whether it is the massive 18-inch notebook or basic 14-inch notebook you are in search of, Dell has gained the hearts of customers with its high quality experience and high end performance. Alienware from Dell gives you wonderful gaming experience along with large touchpad and light-up keyboards.

2. Sony

top 10 laptop brands

Sony is a well-known electronic manufacture, it bends to attract customers as it offers relianbility, durability and embraces technology. This brand has been continuously ruling the minds and hearts of people for decades. Sony notebooks are unique and provide best-quality display as well as deliver performance. Sony Vaio line has 6 different types of notebooks including Flip models and Ultrabooks. Particularly, Sony Vaio laptops are expensive but it never disappoints you in terms of hardware and battery life. You can see lots of colors on choosing Sony laptops as well as their multimedia choices will vary upon various models.

1. Apple

top laptop brands

Apple has conquered all other top laptop brands in a field of technology. Apple Notebooks, iPhones, and Smartphones are the few iconic products of them which have set its place in this technology world. Apple products keep on impressing the customers with its strong tactile feedback, great layout and large keys. Apple offers totally perfect support and precise navigation for multi touch gestures. Its displays, design, audio and sound are already close to its user’s heart apart from its unique software. The cherry on a cake is said to be the flawless tech support of Apple products. Apple laptop is affordable one and it is best apt for working or studying on projects with serious software demands.

I am confident that these rankings on top laptop brands may help you to select the laptops for yourself by depending on your use and certainly the budget.

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