Heartburn is an aching condition which affects about 20% of population every week. Acid reflux or heartburn is characterized by considerable burning-sensation in the esophagus and stomach region. If you get regular heartburn, you may contain a condition known as GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) or acid reflux disease. The heartburn symptoms are tight and painful feelings over your chest. Acid reflux is caused by obesity, smoking, bending at the waist or laying down, eating heavy meals, exercise, stomach abnormalities and blood pressure medications. The good-news is that you can avoid heartburn easily if you avoid some of the foods that cause heartburn, acid reflux, gas, bloating and indigestion in adults.

You may think what foods cause heartburn? To make your clear here I have listed some of the top foods that cause heartburn. Look into the list and know what are they?

List of Foods that Cause Heartburn

1. Alcohol

Alcohol is a huge cause for heartburn attacks. Beer and red wine are particularly liable to cause heartburn or acid reflux. It not only increases the gastric acid in body, but also dries you and may make you to wake in the night when your body detoxes from previous day. Drinking alcohol today can also bring you acid reflux or poor digestion on next day. Alcohol with large meal is a formula for tragedy because it increases the risk of heartburn on you. To avoid this disaster, it is suggested to have small portions of meal with your drink.

2. Fried foods

Fried foods are tasty and delicious but it is one on the list of foods that cause heartburn. Fried items may look crispy, but still they retain lots of oil in their coating. The foods that are high in fat may take longer time to digest by putting pressure on your esophagus and stomach. This may increase the risk of heartburn because of the time your belly stays full. So, instead of fried items you can try poaching or grilling your meals. This will not just save calories but also defend you from heartburn.

3. Potatoes

The next on the list of what food causes heartburn is potatoes. Potatoes are yummy great side dish, but the mashed one may lead to heartburn. If you are a potato lover and can’t live without it, then choose baked potatoes.

4. Nuts, Avocados And Cheese

These are not only rich in protein but also high in fat content. The fatty foods usually relax your stomach, slow down the method of emptying your belly and delay digestion that generally causes bloating and increasing pressure on esophagus. This may lead to heartburn or acid reflux. If you’re cheese fanatics, then go for serving this food in morning or early in a day when you’re not actually full. This can help you to reduce the chance of getting heartburn symptoms.

5. Spicy Foods

Spicy foods are one of the big causes for heartburn. People normally get heartburn after consuming spicy dishes. It affects the acid levels in stomach making more hostile environment which can promote heartburn or acid reflux. If you get heartburn after eating spicy food, then try reducing the intake of spicy meals. In addition, eating small meals and staying straight for 3 hours can also reduce the risk of acid reflux.

6. Peppermint

This is yet another food that causes heartburn. Peppermints are generally added to foods to give extra flavoring. It is also used in peppermint tea, mints and gums. Many people trust that peppermint can calm the upset stomach, but the actual fact is that, peppermint may lead to heartburn symptoms because it relaxes the sphincter that is the muscle amid stomach and esophagus. If you are in search of natural heartburn treatments for replacing peppermint, consider ginger. A ginger is a natural sickness reducing foods. Drink ginger tea before sleeping to reduce the chance of getting overnight heartburn.

7. Chocolate

One bad news for the chocolate lovers: Eating chocolate can cause heartburn. Ofcourse it is yummy and tastier, but the chance of getting heartburn or acid reflux are more in chocolate. It contains caffeine and theobromine that cause reflux. It is also high in fat and cocoa. So, it is better to avoid chocolate to reduce the risk of heartburn. Chocolate is mainly risky food for a pregnant woman.

8. Tomato

What are the foods that cause heartburn? Tomatoes are one such food that causes acid reflux. Both canned and fresh tomatoes can upset your belly when you digest them. It is great for human health because they are packed with healthy-nutrients like lycopene and vitamin C. But, unfortunately tomatoes are not suggested to people who suffer from heartburn or acid reflux disease.

9. Coffee

The drinks with caffeine like coffee, tea and soda are liable to cause the heartburn symptoms in those folks who are easily disposed to. Any beverage that is high in caffeine can also lead to the condition of acid reflux. If you are one who cannot live without coffee, then enjoy drinking coffee in morning but do not drink it all day. Instead of caffeine, you can drink chamomile or green tea if it is lightly-brewed.

10. Citrus Fruits

If you are looking for what foods cause heartburn, then citrus fruit will never go out from this list. It got their name from citric-acid. The citrus fruits like grapefruits, tangerines, orange juice and oranges are big acid reflux culprits. Both whole citrus-fruits and their juices may trigger heartburn as they raise acid production in the stomach. Also, understand that most of the soft drinks have citric-acid to offer the drinks their acid taste. If you love to drink citric fruit juice, then it is better to have it in the morning. This will help to reduce the risk of heartburns.

Solutions for lessening heartburns and related conditions

  • Relax and eat in slow manner
  • Check out heartburn causing foods
  • Chew gum after every meal
  • Quit smoking
  • Don’t lie down immediately after eating
  • Cut high fat meals and fatty foods
  • Shed Pounds
  • Wear looser clothing
  • Limit drinking gassy beverages during meals