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Does vinegar foot soak cure nail fungus?

If one experiences yellowness, thickness and crumbling of toenails, it is an indication of a fungal infection. This condition is difficult to treat and may take a long duration. Organic apple cider vinegar is a home remedy used to control and get rid of nail fungus medically known as onychomycosis. Fungus needs an alkaline environment to survive; Vinegar which is acidic in nature makes it hard for the infectious microorganisms to survive. For effective results, soak the infected area in a 50/50 mixture of warm water and vinegar for about 30 minutes, three times a day. This should be...

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Home remedies that works for perfect nails

The first thing to keep in mind when it comes to have the perfect nails is that food exerts a great influence on their appearance. An illness or a serious lack of nutrients can make them vulnerable to the attack of several parasites. However, at you will be able to find natural treatments that have been specially formulated to protect them from harmful organisms. Beautiful nails by means of an adequate nutrition Nails have become a very important part of the beauty of hands and feet. Most of their structure is composed by a protein known as keratin,...

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List of fruits with the highest vitamin C content

Vitamin C is one of the most important nutrients for the body since it helps to assimilate a wide variety of elements such as iron. It can be found in almost all fruits and vegetables in variable concentrations. This resource is very helpful to prevent many diseases. According to certain studies, it is quite beneficial in the following situations: Prevention and treatment for skin wrinkles. Healing and improvement of sunburn symptoms. Avoid the progress of osteoarthritis. Treatment for stomach ulcers. Prevention of atherosclerosis. Reduction of the risk of having pre-eclampsia in pregnancy. Improvement of the symptoms related to ADHD....

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Top 5 plants originated in the Americas that are now popular in Europe

The fertility of the soil and climatic conditions of the American continent have favored the cultivation of fruits, vegetables and seeds that were totally unknown in Europe. At the present time, such elements have become fundamental elements for gastronomy given their delicious taste and their wonderful healthy properties. Tomato This is one of the icons of Mediterranean diet which was brought to the European continent by Christopher Colombus. Its name has its origin on the Aztec term “tomatl”, which means swollen fruit. According to several studies, this food was widely used by the pre-Inca civilization inhabitants who lived in...

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Why personal hygiene is what we think the best way to combat dangerous diseases

Daily activities that might seem inconsequential as well as the contact with certain spaces demand special attention. Illnesses such as influenza, onychomycosis, Athlete’s foot or gastroenteritis can be prevented through the application of simple personal hygiene steps. Illnesses and conditions triggered by the lack of personal hygiene Health professionals consider that the practice of personal, family and community hygiene is fundamental in order to avoid or combat a wide range of diseases. With the arrival of rainy seasons, respiratory illnesses such as malaria, dengue and other epidemic outbreaks rapidly spread. Additionally, such seasonal changes in many cases increase the...

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