The double chin is a subcutaneous obese deposition found below your lower jaw and neck that makes the tissues to slump down creating a look of having a double chin. It makes you to have the feel of overweight, unattractive or old. Double chin can also originate from several other factors like genetics and unhealthy diet, which is high in calories and fat. Needless to say, double chin can be overwhelming, especially when you are scrupulous about your appearance. No one will like to have a double chin. To make you free from a second chin, read on the given techniques to find help on how to get rid of a double chin.

Before you look into the remedies and exercises to get rid of double chin, first it is essential for you to know the correct reason for the growth of double chin within a person. The below given are some of the significant causes for double chin:

Genetic Cause

There is a possibility that double chin can also be caused through hereditary factors. Like color of your hair or eyes, double chin can originate from your genetics. If your family members are having a double chin, subsequently you can have the chance to get double chin due to genetics. The two factors affecting the formation of double chin are rate of the water retention and fat storage. The diet routine of family plays a vital role in deciding the progress of double chin within a person. Mostly, the people consider that if you are liable to build up double chin, then it is very hard to get rid of it. This is not completely true. There is a chance to make very big changes in your hereditarily caused double chin via making required lifestyle choices.


Age is the next important cause for double chin to the people who are above middle age. The muscle loss, loosening of skin and fat deposition are all caused by means of aging. As soon as these muscles start to slacken, your hazard of developing double chin increases. The muscle strengthening exercises are efficient in dropping double chin to middle aged people. Jaw muscle and facial exercises hold up the appearance of aging transforms in the face.

Excess weight

Possibly the most general cause for double chin is just excess body fat or excess weight. If you are obese or overweight, it is natural to imagine that you will grow up a double chin too. Even if people who are not overweight but regularly having fatty diet can get a chance to develop double chin. If your obese is the cause for double chin, then you can easily get rid of double chin by getting free from your extra weight.

How to get rid of a double chin fast

Proper posture

On how to get rid of a double chin, the foremost thing you have to know is your posture. The proper and correct posture can also put in to the toned skin as well as no fat accumulation. When you sit in a proper posture with back upright, your shoulders kept back and head held in correct way decreases the possibility of developing double chin.

Cosmetic procedures

The procedures like liposuction, lipolysis, face lifting, etc. is useful in completely eradicating a double chin, however these procedures are expensive and everyone cannot afford it.

Eating right

Eating right can be the best tips to overcome from double chin. Eating right includes proper diet that helps to prevent the fat deposition in your body. When you become older, fat begins to deposit them in most unsavory places such as your face. Fast, junk foods and foods that are packed with calories and fat favorites will speed up your aging process. Through reformation of your diet as well as making it healthier will start to lose weight on your face that will consecutively help to eliminate double chin.

Exercises for double chin

The general body exercises will make your body to stay fit, whereas double chin exercises will target the muscles of your jaw and face to tone as well as firm them.

Chew Gum

You will never believe that, chew gum is one of the easiest tips for you on how to get rid of a double chin fast. This will help your facial and jaw muscles to move constantly, which in addition will improve a line of your jaw.