Acne scars is an ordinary skin disease, which occurs on several areas in your body and it can arise at any age. The acne scars is characterized by areas of whiteheads and blackheads (comedones), large papules (nodules), pinheads (papules), scaly red skin (seborrhea), possibly scarring and pimples. Before I start to share some beneficial remedies for how to get rid of acne scars fast, I want to tell you some words of knowledge about acne scars. Read the article and get a detailed knowledge about acne.

What is acne scars?

It is a disease, which affects your skin’s oil glands. Small holes inside the skin unite to the oil glands below the skin. The oil glands build an oily substance named sebum. The pores link to the glands through the canal named follicle. Inside this follicle, the dead skin cells are transmitted by oil to the outer surface of a skin. The thin hair also rises via the follicle and away to the skin. As soon as the skin gland follicle clogs up, the pimple raises. A pimple regularly occurs on your neck, shoulders and back. It is nothing but puffiness on your skin that is filled with pus and bacteria. The sebaceous glands (oil glands) are tainted and surplus sebum secretion through these glands is said to be the most important cause of this problem. Although it is not the critical state but it appears odd on face.

The word acne arrives from a word “acme”, which means “the highest point” that arrives from Greek word akme meaning “spot” or “point”. Originally it was misspelt with word ‘n’ instead of ‘m’ in 1835.

Who likes acne scars? That too on the face! In fact, getting rid of acne scars will be little harder than eliminating acne. But, pimple scars are slightly immovable as they do not leave easily. At this point, you must remember a saying, “Nothing Is Impossible”. Do you look for best way to get rid of acne scars? Even though, there are many effective remedies for acne scars, I have short listed some of the best proved remedies according to my knowledge. Make use of it and have a clear and beautiful skin as yours.

Acne scars – what are its types?

How acne scars look like:


  • Ice-Pick scars – Narrow, deeper
  • Boxcar scars – Narrow
  • Rolling scars – Wave-like

Raised acne scars

  • Hypertrophic scars – Overgrown
  • Keloid scars – Shiny, dome-shaped

Ice-Pick acne scars

Ice-Pick acne scars find their name from its narrow, deep appearance. In extreme cases, ice picks take the shape of large and open pore-like skin wounds. They expand after constant acne or an inflamed cyst or blemish.

Boxcar scars

The depressions of boxcar are not as narrow like an ice-pick scar. It is oval as well as indented wounds in your skin with angular faces. Boxcar scars normally occurs on temple and cheeks. Without a medical treatment, boxcar scars are permanent.

Rolling scars

Rolling acne scars makes up wave-like appearance on your skin. It occurs because of fibrous bands between skin and underlying (fundamental) subcutaneous tissue that tether as well as pull on an epidermis. This distorts the overlying skin and induces a scar.

Hypertrophic scars

Whereas rolling, boxcar and ice-pick acne scars are caused from loss in collagen, hypertrophic are caused through the skin producing excessively collagen to cure an acne wound. It is raised above the skin and holds a firm texture. Hypertrophic acne scars often has an “overgrown” appearance as well as can be itchy.

Keloid scars

It occurs as soon as the scar tissue shaped extensively, it can turn into large tubercle of dense, tough scar tissue which is commonly well-known as keloidal or Keloid scar. They can differ in colors from red, pink to brown color. Keloid can knock over naturally after a while but it never disappears without treatment.