Everyone may have experienced the nail-biting moment at least once in their life. It is an oral obsessive habit which is very common in adults and children. Nail biting is medically called as onychophagia. Even people are not aware about why they often do nail biting? From mild habit, it can become very serious problem. Biting nails on a regular basis can lead to damage to the nail and skin. This behavior not just makes your skin red and sore, but biting nails too often can increase the risk of bleeding. Additionally, open cuts on nails can simply become infected because you pass viruses or bacteria from the mouth to your damaged skin. Alternatively, your nails are firm, so you may damage your teeth when you bite them continually. Hence, it is the right time for you to learn about how to stop biting nails. Follow the below listed steps and throw away your nail biting habit.

Why Do People Bite Their Nails?

People of all age have the habit of biting nails. Mostly nail biting begins from childhood and it progressively becomes routine as a person grows. The reasons for nail biting are:

  • Mostly people start to bite their nails as they feel anxious, stressed or bored
  • About 50% of the children between 10 to 18 years of age bite their nails. This occurs most regularly during puberty
  • Some studies says that genetics is also one of the reason for biting nails

People bite their nails as it is a sign of psychological conditions such as obsessive-compulsive disorder

Children who have illnesses such as ADHD (Attention-Deficit-Hyperactivity-Disorder) or ODD (Oppositional Defiant Disorder) can bite their nails.

How To Stop Biting Your Nails?

You have tried, and tried to kick the habit of nail biting, but nothing has worked for you. Whether you are a constant nail-biter or simply bite when you feel stressed, if you have a will, then sure you will find some way to overcome the habit of nail biting. Just follow the below given technique for how to stop nail biting.

1. Find Out The Origin Cause

If you wish to stop biting your nails, then you must figure out why this happens for you? Try to find out how this habit started and find out how you feel at this time. Having the nail biting diary to find what pushes you to this habit can help you to restrict what is initiating the problem. You can work to remove this anxiety so you may kick your habit effectively.

2. Keep Yourself Busy In Some Work

If you start biting your nails when you feel depressed, bored or stressed, you can pick to the new habit which will keep you unfocussed. Opt for a new hobby which will keep your mind and hands busy in doing something else. Instead of watching TV, you can try doing crocheting or knitting, clay models drawing, painting, music, and cooking. Participating in these events will aid to reduce the emotional pain that is encouraging the nail biting.

3. Wear Gloves

This may look like a ridiculous solution but it is one of the highly effective ways to stop biting nails. You can simply wear gloves when you are at home. Any type of glove will do best but wearing well-fitting thin rubber gloves will allow you to do work like reading, writing, cooking or typing. If you wear this glove for a day, automatically you’ll start to feel not to bite your nails wearing the gloves.

4. Artificial Nails

Using artificial nails is an excellent way to have your nails enclosed so that you will not bit your nails often. Artificial nails also hide your bitten nails in classy manner. You can see various kinds of artificial nails obtainable in the market such as wraps, press-on, gels and acrylic nails. You must always go for the correct size of artificial nails for reducing the risk of dropping off. An artificial nails offers both a stylish look and great protection to your bitten nails.

5. Do Regular Manicure – How To Stop Biting Nails

You can get help from the professional manicure to help you to stop the habit of biting nails. The professional manicurist will apply the acrylic nails above your original nails or add nail-décor such as textures, patterns and jewels. The more lovely your nails appear, the more they will function like a deterrent. The amount you paid for manicure may also protect you from biting nails.

6. Trim Your Nails

Another good choice for how to stop nail biting is to trim the nails on regular basis. If you have your nails short, then there is less chance to bite. Trimming the nails may also keep them tidy and neat. You have to use proper clippers to trim your nails and after trimming, use nail filler to polish the edges.

7. Nail Biting Polish

So many types of nail biting polishes are obtainable in the market which are specially designed to help people to quit the habit. The bitter taste of the polishes will discourage you from biting at your cuticles and nails.

8. Keep Your Mouth Busy

When you are following this remedy you have to be cautious about this because you have the high chance of gaining more weight. For example, it is a worthy idea to chew mints or gums whenever you get the feel of biting your nails.

9. Neem Oil

The bitter flavor of neem oil may help you to stop biting nails. Neem oil is an antiseptic, so it keeps your nail away from infection. Use cotton to apply neem oil on the nails. Once you rub the oil allow it to get dry for few minutes. When you unknowingly bite your nails, the unpleasant flavor in the neem oil will force you to take away your finger from mouth.

10. Take Professional Help

Nothing you get for how to stop biting your nails? Get a help from professional to stop this habit as soon as possible. A serious nail problem can cause frequent bleeding or permanent damage to your nails. The professional can find the real cause and also prescribe some right medication or treatments to aid you handle your indications more effectively.

Other Tips To Stop Biting Nails

You can carry water bottle with you always, so that if you find yourself biting your nails you can drink some water rather than biting.

Have a healthy-diet to aid your nails overhaul and grow well. Consume magnesium and calcium rich foods so that your nails will overhaul and grow well

Reduce your stress level to make yourself feel more relaxed

Imagine yourself with healthy and strong nails. Put the photo of your healthy nails on the wall or even carry the picture with you. This helps to motivate you to attain your goal

If you have tried everything for how to stop biting nails and nothing worked on it, then it is the time to consult with your doctor.